LewRockwell.com – November 29, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
The CIA-MI6-Mossad War on Syria
It’s part of the jihad on Iran. Article by Eric Margolis.
Americans, Listen to the Ruling Elite
Give up your wealth for nothing. Article by Mike Rozeff.
Why Young Americans Love Ron Paul
They’re sick of war, empire, jingoism, and the police state, says David Sirota.
Why I Moved to a Freer Country
John Brennan on living in Mexico.
Land of the Cage, Home of the Incarcerated
Will Grigg on the US of Prisons.
Don’t Buy One of These
Eric Peters on 5 current automotive disasters.
The Lizard Wants To Be Fuhrer
Justin Raimondo on Newt.
The NY Times Invents New Lies
To keep covering up the JFK murder. Article by Russ Baker.
Take Ron Paul Seriously
If you want any freedom at all. Article by Steve Greenhut.
Diversify Into Something Life Sustaining
And continue to accumulate gold and 10oz. silver bars, says Richard Russell.
The Only Moral and Practical Solution to Government Debt
Write it off, says Charles Hugh Smith.
Help Your Heart and So Much More
Joseph Mercola on the health and healing benefits of coconut water.