LewRockwell.com – November 21, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011
Ron Paul Takes Down Bob Schieffer
The peace candidate Faces the Nation, and leaves a CBS shill for the warfare state sputtering.
Planning To Retire?
You can forget it, says Gary North.
World Tensions Are Rising
Marc Faber on China, oil, and the shifting balance of economic power.
Ripped Off
Gerald Celente’s lessons for the rest of us.
Who Needs Slavemasters?
When the slaves are so willing. Article by Jeff Berwick.
Was It a Deliberate Hit?
Lawrence Lepard on the MF Global conspiracy.
Our 29 Banking Overlords
Do you do business with any of them? Article by Bob Wenzel.
The Ignorance of Newt
Versus the inalienable rights of all. Article by Scott Lazarowitz.
A Christian Voters Guide
To US wars. Article by Craig White.
Your Monies and Positions Are Not Safe
Simon Black on the truth-telling broker in commodities futures who closed her business.
5 Reasons To Stockpile
Everything from food to tools to toiletries, says Lisa Bedford.
Can’t Lose Weight?
Artificial sweeteners may be the cause, says David Brownstein, MD, especially toxic sucralose.