LewRockwell.com – November 14, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011
The Nation State Is Going Down
Gary North on understanding and preparing.
What’s an Honorable Businessman To Do?
Under fiat money and fiat property. Article by Hans Hoppe.
The Criminal Disaster of Iraq
Which candidate is right? Article by Tom DiLorenzo.
Government by Force
It’s conceptually, financially, and morally bankrupt. Article by Mike Rozeff.
A Practical Guide to Dealing With Cops
Eric Peters on the real-world, smart way to handle a traffic stop.
The Prophet vs. the GOP
David Franke on Ron Paul, the clowns, the crooks, and the too-big-to-sink USS Titanic.
Need Indoctrination for Jail, Debt Enslavement?
Then keep your kids out of school, any school, says Jeff Berwick.
Should You Open an Off-Shore Bank Account?
Simon Black: 4 reasons to do it now.
What’s in Your Water?
Joseph Mercola on the sordid history of fluoridation.
Merry e-Christmas!
The consumer guide to downloadable gifts. Article by Ted Thornhill.
New Gold Target: $2330
Plus, silver rising to $100 in the next 18 months, says Morris Hubbartt.
19 Health Benefits of Organic Alfalfa Leaf
Edward Group calls it the “father of all foods.”