R. Lee Wrights: S.C. Debate Focuses on Building Libertarian Party

Wrights wins straw poll

All three candidates participating in the candidate debate at the South Carolina Libertarian Party State Convention agreed that building the Libertarian Party would be a primary goal of their presidential campaign if they won the nomination.

In the two-hour event, Lee Wrights, Roger Gary and Carl Person outlined how they would use their campaigns to deliver the Libertarian message to all 50 states, recruit new members to the party, and help state and local candidates.

Lee Wrights won the straw poll taken after the debate. There was a three-way tie in the vote cast by the state’s national convention delegates attending the debate.

The debate was actually an interesting and enlightening discussion by the candidates of the variety of ways and the different approaches they would take to building the Libertarian Party.

The debate was videoed by Shane Killian, Wrights 2012 campaign videographer. The full video will be available on the Wrights 2012 website tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is a clip from remarks Lee gave to the Palmetto State Libertarians earlier in the day.

Lee Wrights for President

Contact: Brian Irving, press secretary