LewRockwell.com – November 4, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Cultural Night Closes In
Our hopes are homeschooling and the internet, says Fred Reed.
The Man Who Turned Libertarians Against the State
David Gordon on Rothbard on war.
Our Nostradamus
Gerald Celente predicted the Occupy movement, and more civil unrest to come.
The Trouble With Democracy
It’s a farce and a sham, says Paul Craig Roberts.
How To Support Ron Paul
Display it! Article by Jim Miller.
A Warmonger and a Liar
Justin Raimondo on Herman Cain.
How To Change the World
That is, how to Occupy yourself. Article by James Altucher.
Payday Loans
We must protect this market benefit from the Left. Article by Thomas Sowell.
Survival Necessities
The thermos and hot water bottle aren’t just for convenience: they could save a life.

Stay in Cash and Head for the Bunker
We’re in the global revolution now, and it’s going to get ugly and bloody, says Bob Moriarty.

30 Primal Hacks
To stay healthy and make the most of the fall season, says Mark Sisson.