LewRockwell.com – November 2, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Does Ron Paul Have a Catholic Problem?
As usual, it’s the neocons, says Chris Manion.
Exactly What Is ‘Terrorism’?
As a concept, it’s an attempt to suppress independent thought. Michael Scheuer talks to Lew.
OWS, You’re All Wet
About Glass-Steagall and its “repeal,” says Tom Woods.
Those Beltway ‘Libertarians’
Walter Block responds to a critic.
Stop Debasing Our Money!
Bill Sardi on the counterfeiters in our midst.
Forget the New York Publishers
Fred Reed chooses Kindle for his new book.
Anarchy: The Investor’s Best Friend
The revolution is underway, says Eric Fry, and it’s overthrowing faith in the government.
Ron Paul on Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq.
Health Does Not Come Through a Needle
Highly vaccinated children are chronically ill, says Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.
Go Back To Being a Boy
8 reasons to rediscover your passion for exercise. Article by Steve Kamb.
How Fibonacci Figured Out Flowers
With Hindu-Arabic numbers.
Do You Have Toxic Mold?
It’s a common source of misery, but you can starve it out of your body, says Joseph Mercola.