LewRockwell.com – October 31, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011
Zombified, Parasitic, and Corrupted by Easy Money
Bill Bonner on why American higher-ed has to go.
If Ron Paul Were Elected President
What would really happen? Article by Bill Sardi.
Another Way To Subvert Big Brother
Eric Peters on updating an older car with a little new technology.
Capitalist Peter Schiff vs. Comrade Cornel West.
To Protect Your Assets
You need real internet privacy, says Paul Green.
For Young People Who Want Out
Simon Black has some advice from Tokyo.
Giant New Money Factory Opens
The Europeans have decided to follow the US solution for all economic problems, says Clive Maund, and print more money and sell more debt.
Big Algorean Global Warming Lie Exposed
A lavishly-funded Berkeley project attempted to perpetrate the fraud. Article by David Rose.
If You Want To Prepare for a Barter Economy
Mac Slavo on skills and strategies for survival in a cashless, jobless society.
The US Vendetta Against All Things Off-Shore
Mark Nestmann on why thousands of banks and servicers are being forced to jettison American clients.
Really Paleo
Trendy Stone Age restaurant serves only food available to our caveman ancestors.
Reduce Wrinkles, Inflammation, Support Eye, Brain, Immune Health
Joseph Mercola on the many wonders of astaxanthin.