LewRockwell.com – October 27, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Love Negative Campaigns
They favor candidates who oppose the State, says Gary North.
The Old Book Publishers Are Going Down
And rightly so. Thank goodness I can publish with Amazon, says Ellen Finnigan.
John Denson on Abe and Franklin.
Yeah: Capitol Hill, says Mike Rozeff.
Scorpions in a Bottle
Bob Wenzel on the Krugman-Kristol dust-up.
The Indispensable Nation?
No, the dispensable government. Article by Will Grigg.
Would You Be Polite to Muggers?
Then why defer to the government versions, asks Eric Peters.
The US Is Fast Becoming a 3rd World Police State
Jeff Berwick on why his days of visiting here are numbered.
Higher Tuition, More Student Debt, Bloated College Bureaucracies
Peter Schiff on the latest attack on young people from the government.
The New Capitalist Frontier
Simon Black on the vast business and investment opportunities in Mongolia.
Uh Oh
Volcano inflating like a huge balloon.
How To Cook Better Eggs
The ultimate breakfast food is carb-free, nutritious, and cheap, says Matt Moore.