LewRockwell.com – October 24, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011
What Sort of Bird Are You?
How will you respond when it’s your time to be plucked? Article by Eric Peters.
Giving Government a Hot Foot
And mocking the State’s moral code. Tom DiLorenzo on the voice of radio freedom Ron Smith.
The Rev. Steve Jobs?
Gary North is not one of the flock.
Behind the Razor Wire
Imperial America is moving from police state to concentration camps. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.
Hip Deep in Blood
Mike Rozeff on the latest Obamassacre.
The Real Gadaffi
Eric Margolis knew him.
Federal Death Squads
Laurence Vance on Murder, Inc.
The Gospel According to DC
May we evolve to be good enough for the State. Article by Will Grigg.
Keeping Your Private Parts Private
Naomi Wolf on her personal TSA strategy.
Is Martial Law Next?
Gary Barnett on police-state fascism.
Why the 21-Day Total Body Transformation?
It’s quick, easy, and a wholly new way to go primal, says Mark Sisson.