October 20 is Mediation Settlement Day

On Mediation Settlement Day (MSD), October 20, 2011, landmarks throughout the state will be lit in blue in recognition of and to increase awareness about mediation as an alternative for solving conflicts and disputes.

Mediation is a popular form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in which a trained neutral the mediator works with parties in conflict to help them develop their own solutions to issues that might otherwise take them to court. The mediator helps the parties to communicate with one another, and if possible, to reach an agreement that satisfies everyone involved.

For second consecutive year, Albany Law School, Niagara Falls (Buffalo) and Mid-Hudson Bridge (Poughkeepsie) will be lit in blue at sundown. Also illuminated in blue for the first time in observance of (MSD) will be Peace Bridge (Buffalo) and 7 World Trade Center (New York City).

For more information about mediation and Community Dispute Resolution Centers visit www.nycourts.gov/adr

Photos Attached:
Albany Law School
and Niagara Falls as they were illuminated in blue in

Thank you,
Andrea Garcia
New York State Unified Court System
Office of Public Affairs