LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, October 15-16, 2011

Weekend Edition, October 15-16, 2011

Is American Fascism Doomed?
No Heil Mitt or Barack, says Lew Rockwell.
Steve Jobs as Moral Giant
Thanks only to the free market, says Gary North.
Holder’s Fast and Furious Iranian Terror Plot
It won’t work, says Karen Kwiatkowski.
The Drug Jungle
Courtesy of the FDA and Big Pharma. Article by Bill Sardi.
Yale Professor Disses Gold, Ron Paul
Bob Wenzel on a tenured ignoramus.
Always Beware of the Fine Print
Eric Peters on navigating the potential trickery in auto deals.
Ron Paul Should Run as an Independent
If Romney or any other dictator-in-waiting is snuck in, says Scott Lazarowitz.
Rick Perry’s In-State Tuition for ‘Illegals’
And a banquet of red herring. Article by Becky Akers.
Economist vs. Pizzaman
Tom Eddlem on the vast gap between Ron Paul and the Fed fraud, Herman Cain.
You Can Never Have Enough Ammo
23 truths about firearms and self-defense. Article by Lisa Bedford.
The Higher-Ed Bubble
One of the most fascinating charts you’ll ever see.
How To Look Like a Million Bucks
For less than $200, guys. Article by Antonio Centeno.