Press Release: Impeach the President Launches Obama Impeachment Campaign

(Akron, OH) – “President Obama has confessed to murder,” says Jim Babka, President of, Inc.

“The President admits that he ordered the killing of a natural-born American citizen, Anwar al-Alwaki, without due process of law. This is murder. Now the President must receive the due process he denied to Alwaki. Impeachment by Congress is the proper legal remedy when the President becomes a criminal,” says Babka. is urging its 31,000 members to ask Congress for impeachment. provides a FREE online program that visitors can use to simultaneously submit a letter through the webforms of their Representative and Senators. The group hopes to generate tens of thousands of constituent letters to Congress.

Babka went on to say…

“This is not about personalities or partisan advantage. NO person with the power to order missile attacks on individuals should operate free from the strong constraints of legal due process.

“The President assumed to himself vigilante powers, and in the process likely violated at least three Constitutional provisions, which he’d sworn to uphold.

“The President’s action sets a dangerous precedent that must NOT be allowed to stand. The President claims that we must trust him when he says that Awlaki was guilty of great crimes, but the whole point of our system is that it relies on publicly tested evidence, not trust.

“We must restore due process by impeaching the President.”