LewRockwell.com – October 3, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011
America Was Assassinated
Along with al-Awlaki. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.
Scott Lazarowitz on Obama’s imposition of martial law.
The US Has Bared Its Fangs
Once any individual is subject to arbitrary state terror, any of us can be, warns Eric Peters.
The Road to Destruction
Chris Martenson interviews David Stockman.
The Banksters Are Running Scared
Of the people. Article by Bob Wenzel.
Ron Paul Hoists the Flag of Hayek
We can’t trust the government. We need competitive currencies. Article by Seth Lipsky.
Celebrity Doppelgangers
In the war of federal aggression. Article by Mike O’Brien.
Expect Lower Lows
Bill Bonner on the real estate market as a cat toying with its prey.
The Terror Scammers
The FBI invents and runs its own terror plots. Article by Glenn Greenwald.
Over-Educated, Under-Employed, Very Angry
The Wall St. protest is spreading, says Paul Harris.
Bugging Out With the Joneses
Tess Pennington on empowering your neighbors to prepare themselves.
Top 10 Songs About Money
An eclectic collection, complete with videos, Article by Diane Bullock.