LewRockwell.com – September 29, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

When Money Dies
Doug Casey on how to prepare.
Abolish the FDA, Health Insurance, and Medical Schools
Before they kill us all, says James Altucher.
Another Anti-Muslim War of Aggression?
Yep. This time against Pakistan, says Justin Raimondo.
State Science: Can It Be Trusted?
How college and university bureaucracies highjacked the truth. Article by Jeff Berwick and Derek Donohue.
Life Is Too Short To Drink Bad Beer
Failing freedom or not.
What’s Behind Silver’s Plunge?
Clive Maund cranks up his time machine.
After the Fall
How high can gold and silver climb?
More Americans Reading LRC?
They despise the dangerous DC.
Greedy Government’s War on Your Wealth
Mark Nestmann on civil forfeiture and how to protect yourself.
Your Incredible Shrinking Body
As bones and organs get smaller with age, here’s how to stay healthy, says Louise Atkinson.
PC Insanity
And the obscuring CE and BCE instead of AD and BC.
Slash Your Food Bill
With an abundant winter garden. Article by Joseph Mercola.