LewRockwell.com – September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Government-Manufactured Drought in Texas
Murray Rothbard on water socialism.
Chris Sullivan on why colonials shot Congressmen in the US Capitol, and the current anti-Muslim hysteria.
Dear James:
Altucher answers reader questions on love, business, dating, and greed. NB: strong language.
‘If Only the Republicans Had Won in 2008’
Oh, yeah? Article by Jim Cox.
On the Verge of Collapse
Does that describe the US monetary system? Article by David Galland.
Einstein and the Electric Universe
Official cosmology is full of holes, says Jeff Berwick.
France Bans Cash Sales of Gold, Silver
How long before the feds do likewise? Mac Slavo wonders.
6 Emergency Fuels
Tess Pennington on storing them for maximum safety.
Depression Nation
11 signs Americans aren’t buying government-MSM lies about the economy.
The Art of Drudgery
It’s part of being a man, says William James Dawson.
The Nazi Obsession
It’s time to move on, says Simon Jenkins.
15 Foods High in Vitamin E
Add this powerful anti-oxidant to your diet, says Edward Group.