LewRockwell.com – September 22, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Birth of American Imperialism
Tom DiLorenzo on the McKinley and Lincoln wars of conquest.
We the Ruled
And the criminals who dominate us. Article by Mike Rozeff.
Gold Confiscation
It’s something you probably don’t have to worry about, says Gary North.
The End of the Phony Express
Bill Walker on the USPS going postal on the economy.
A Palestinian State?
A bad idea despite the oppression, says Justin Raimondo.
The Perfect Storm
Creates a tidal wave of gold demand, says Frank Holmes.
The Real Peace of Ron Paul
Brian Anderson on the golden-rule candidate.
Another Reason To Stock-Up on Incandescent Lightbulbs
Dave Gonigam on why China is shutting down compact fluorescent production.
4 Personal Finance Principles
That would make your grandfather proud. Article by Adam Baker.
Relax, No One Is Going To Shoot Me
JFK believed his security was excessive three years before his murder. Article by Daniel Bates.
Powerful Typhoon Heads Toward Damaged Fukushima Reactors
Fears escalate of more radiation leaking into the ground and sea, says Danielle Demetriou.
Chocolate Is Good For You
The dark unprocesssed kind can slash the risk of heart disease, says Joseph Mercola.