LewRockwell.com – September 20, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OK, Gold’s Not Money
How about this one, Ben: Is the Fed a bank? Article by Arthur Krolman.
How To Cook the Paleo Way
It’s easy, fun, delicious, and necessary for your survival, says Karen De Coster.
A Simple-Minded Warmonger
Laurence Vance on the bloody-minded Mike Huckabee.
Abolish the Police, Arm the Citizens
Will Grigg on the Sagra Mode of privatized security.
No, Mr. Heck, 09/11 Is Not the Fault of Free Speech
And Ron Paul is right. Article by Susan Westfall.
Know Your Enemy
And 5 other lessons in manliness from James Bond.
Not for Control, Not for Power, Not for Glory
Jim Quinn on Ron Paul’s character, and why he’s running.
Revisiting the Home Medical Kit
Prepare: you can never have, for example, too much gauze or too many band-aids, says Dr. Bob.
Is Ron Paul Being Cheated Out of a Win in a Texas Straw Poll?
Fear of an embarrassing loss for Perry may be the reason it is still being called off.
America’s Blowback Empire
Expect more criminal wars and colonization in the Middle East, says Nick Turse.
Don’t Take Your Water Supply for Granted
25 signs that a global crisis is coming.
One Powerful Cleaner for People, Pets, Plants, Home
Edward Group on grapefruit seed extract.