LewRockwell.com – September 19, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Want Jobs?
Then ‘pull’ the federal government, says Mike Rozeff.
Assault of the Envious
They want antidiscrimination laws and subsidies for the ugly. Article by Bob Wenzel.
Sarah, Want To Fix Yourself Up?
Gary North has a regeneration program for Palin.
10 Scams We Encounter Every Day
James Altucher on seeing through them. NB: Strong language.
The Lost Art of Handwriting
Public school teachers hate cursive, but we all need it. Article by Elizabeth Cameron.
Coming: a Media Lynching of Ron Paul
Because he’s a man of peace, says Michael Scheuer.
When You Shuffle Off
Don’t let the courts make your private financial life public, says Bill Rounds.
Is Destiny Demography?
The Golden Age is over, says Bill Bonner. Welcome to the Gray Age.
Preppers: Something Is Always Better Than Nothing
Remember inexpensive barter items when stocking up.
Junkyard Etiquette
How to get the most out of your visit to the self-service salvage yard.
The Hour of War Is at Hand
Against race, class, and government, says Mac Slavo.
What’s Your Body Telling You Right Now?
Take an inventory from head to toe, says Mark Sisson, and pay attention to what it tells you.