LewRockwell.com – September 9, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Government War on Vitamins
They are about to escalate it, says Bill Sardi.
How I’ll Remember 9/11 This Year
By ignoring it. Article by Karen Kwiatkowski.
Assume You’re the Dumbest Person in the Room
James Altucher on how to be the smartest person on the planet.
Say Nothing to the Cops: Ever
Don’t be the star witness in your own prosecution, says Eric Peters.
Don’t Believe the 10 Myths of the State
Jakub Wisniewski on fixing an upside-down world.
Ron Paul Wins an Important Convert
Robert Groezinger on war, climate change, and James Delingpole.
Mr. Bloomberg, Tear Down That Building
Tom Engelhardt on the creepy “Freedom Tower” and the whole 9/11 religion.
How Little We Know
About the actual origins of 09/11/01. Article by Robert Scheer.
Make the Most Out of Your Gun Range Time
Train like your life depended on it.
Ron Paul Won the Debate
Says a sarcastic English observer of American politics.
30 Most Popular Herbs in Natural Medicine
Tess Pennington explains their role in healing and prevention.