LewRockwell.com – August 31, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Race and Economics

Let’s tell the truth, shall we? Article by Walter Williams.
Forget Calories and Exhausting Exercise

To lose fat, eat fat. Don Miller, MD, talks to Lew Rockwell.
The Trouble With Egalitarianism

It justifies the total state, says Murray Rothbard.
Only Liberty Can Produce a Pencil

Only the state can make this impossible. Article by Gary North.
What’s the Argument for Democracy?

There isn’t one, says David Gordon.
Cursed Be Unconditional Obedience

Laurence Vance on one of the fatal flaws of the military life.
God Bless Ron Paul and Those Who Follow Him

For opposing the conspiracy of counterfeiters, says Pat Buchanan.
The Last Whistleblower

Paul Craig Roberts on the CIA’s coming destruction of Julian Assange.
The SS Is Knocking

The Secret Service wants to steal your Liberty Dollars, says Mac Slavo.
What 5th Amendment?

You have no right to silence when it comes to offshore accounts, says Mark Nestmann.
10 Cities Likely To Face Severe Water Shortages

Tess Pennington on ways to become less dependent on local government supplies.
The Keys to Good Health?

They’re prevention, says Margaret Durst, and eliminating nutritional deficiencies.