LewRockwell.com – August 29, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Political Philosophy or a Social Attitude?

David Gordon on libertarianism.
Can Ron Paul Win?

Lew Rockwell talks with Alex Jones.
The Deathcraft Carrier Is Through

Eric Margolis on what this means for the empire.
Beltwayites Are Arrayed Against Ron Paul

Justin Raimondo on how to defeat them.
Hurricanes Don’t Scare Me

But our overlords do, says Becky Akers.
The Secret US Gulag in the Middle East

An ex-victim tells Anthony Wile about 21st century Kafkaism.
Weather Hysteria

Alan Caruba on the MSM’s endless predictions and palpable hopes for disaster.
Is It a Racial Spoils System?

Pat Buchanan on Obama and the federal bureaucracy.
The Greatest Movie About Human Evil?

Joe Sobran on The Third Man (and government).
Tomorrow the World

Bob Bauman on the expanding, looter-empire of the tax collectors.
Our Vanishing Middle-Class

34 pieces of evidence that demonstrate how this is happening.
Ron Paul Is a Brilliant Investor

Despite the neocon attempt to disparage him even here. Article by Zvi Bar.