LewRockwell.com – August 26, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011
Klaatu Barada Nikto!
Butler Shaffer on Algore, Paul Krugman, and saving the state with an “alien invasion.”
The Lizard of Oz
Gary North on Bernanke and Jackson Hole.
Abolish Your Local Police
Throw off the oppressors, says Will Grigg.
He’s Leaping Past Bachmann
Ron Paul. Article by John Thorpe.
What Really Happened in Norway
Peter Dale Scott on destabilization and the power elite.
7 Things About Success
James Altucher on what he learned from Charlie Brown cartoonist Charles Schultz.
Worse Than Bloody Bush
Obama on war. Article by Anthony Gregory.
I’m Glad I Dropped Out of College
And other life lessons from Steve Jobs.
14 Conspiracy Theories
That the media now admit are conspiracy facts.
From Investment to Money
We’ll soon be asking for the price IN gold, rather than the price OF gold, says Rich Danker.
Totally Unprepared
The DC quake caused mass confusion and panic. Worse may be on the way, says Mac Slavo.
What Has Government Done To Our Health?
Matthew Miller on personal responsibility vs. federal force.