LewRockwell.com – August 24, 2011

Wednesday August 24, 2011

People Power and Music

Jesse Ventura on making democracy rock.
Grossly Unjust and Immoral

Tom Woods on the regime in DC and his own work.
The Government Gang

Mark Carbonaro interviews Lew Rockwell on our overlords.
Lifting the Federal Curse

And other ways to be human. Article by James Altucher. NB: some strong language.
Global Gloom, Boom, and Doom

Marc Faber educates the establishment’s Squawkers.
Return of the Bug

We’re going back to this simple, beautifully engineered, non-government auto, says Eric Peters.
The Feds Can’t Make Us Safe

But they sure are experts at endangering us. Article by Ron Paul.
Almost All Terror Plots in the US

Are organized by the FBI.
Are There Laws We’re Morally Obligated To Obey?

Be guided by Jacob Hornberger, says Walter Williams.
Freedom and States Rights

Paul Rosenberg on the unitary and therefore tyrannical government ruling us.
The Pentagon’s Fake Jihadists

Tom Engelhardt on what the GWOT is really all about.
Disaster Can Strike Anytime, Anywhere

Tess Pennington on assembling your 72-Hour emergency kit before you need it.