LewRockwell.com – August 23, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Relevance of Ron Paul

And the coming irrelevance of the status quo. Article by Susan Westfall.
Welcome to NATO’s Newest Colony, Libya

Eric Margolis on the truth of the affair.
The FBI Spies on Justin Raimondo

For his un-PC writing about Pentagon Failure Day (09/11/01).
What Would You Do If You Were President?

Bill Sardi on the NY Times quiz.
The History of Financial Crashes

An off-the-wall establishment guy vs. Rothbard. Article by Bob Wenzel.
The US Aggresses Against Russia Again

Pat Buchanan on dangerous meddlng by the neocon empire.
More War, More Dollar Depreciation

Richard Maybury and Rick Rule on what’s ahead. Interview by Anthony Wile.
The Electric Edsel

Eric Peters on Government Motor’s taxpayer funded billion dollar boondoggle.
Ursa Major in the Sky, Time To Sell Stocks Is Nigh?

Bill Bonner on debt woes in the cosmic bear market.
5 Steps to a Clean Gun

You don’t have to take it down to the last screw and spring, says John Wood.
Is It Time for Gold to Top Off and Take a Rest?

Clive Maund on what the data, and the bird-brains on the telly, are saying.
How To Identify a High-Quality Multi-Vitamin

And what to throw in the trash. Article by Joseph Mercola.