LewRockwell.com – August 16, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Big Lincoln Lie Exposed

Tom DiLorenzo on Abe’s real views on race.
Too Many Emergency Meetings in Europe

Gary North on what it means for us.
Want To Understand the Ron Paul Movement?

Read Rothbard, says Walter Block.
‘Intelligent, Commonsense’ Slavery

Becky Akers on the true nature of the TSA.
Ron Paul Won in Iowa

No matter what the dishonest media claim, says David Franke.
Overthrow the Bankers

It’s the only hope for debtaholic America, says Eric Margolis.
The Warfare State Is on the Chopping Block

Thanks to the principled relentlessness of Ron Paul, says Pat Buchanan.
The Case for $25,000 Gold

Expect it, says Bob Wenzel.
The Coverup Conspiracy

Jesse Ventura is interviewed by Anthony Wile on federal lies.

James Heiser on Algore’s climatological meltdown.
The Zombie Wars

They’ve begun, says Bill Bonner.
Why I Love Cigarettes

Every puff is like a little hug. Article by James Rhodes.