LewRockwell.com – August 15, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

After 40 Years of the Tricky-Dick Standard

Only free-market gold money will do, says Gary North.
The Ancestral Lifestyle Boom

Karen De Coster on the anti-federal healthy-living movement.
We Need Much Higher Interest Rates

But the fix is in, says Peter Schiff.
You Can Feel It in the Air

The Ron Paul revolution is happening! Article by Karen Kwiatkowski.
The Rigamarole Government Puts You Through

To get safety inspection stickers for your car, and what it really means. Article by Eric Peters.
Fiat Money Has Enriched the Political Class and Its Cronies

But that is coming to an end, says David Galland.
4 Steps to Expatriation

Mark Nestmann on the gold price and your decision.
He’s No Ron Paul, To Put It Mildly

Aaron Ward on Glenn Beck.
They Want To Rip You Off

Financial pundits tout insider buying, but are mum on increased insider selling, says Mac Slavo.
We’re All ‘Racists’ Now

James Delingpole on the left’s favorite insult to stifle debate.
The Man’s Guide to Scotch Whisky

How to enjoy the history, tradition, and artisanship of the “water of life.”
10 Natural Remedies for Athletes Foot

Plus, Edward Group’s tips on prevention.