LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, August 13-14, 2011

Weekend Edition, August 13 – 14, 2011

Lessons From a Forgotten Riot

And possible future ones. Article by Gary North.
Victory Over a Phony Flu Vaccination Campaign

Bill Sardi on how LRC did it.
What Can Fed Officials Do To Help the Markets?

They can all resign and go away, says Marc Faber.
The Higher-Ed Bubble

It’s popped, says Doug French.
Statism Is a Sickness

Not just a destructive political system, says Scott Lazarowitz.
The World’s Worst Parasite

Paul Craig Roberts on the US government.
Jim Rogers Prepares for the Crisis

Where he puts his money. Article by Scott Rubin.
Schooling Neocons

Ron Paul on foreign realities vs. war propaganda. Article by Tom Eddlem.
The Destruction of the Catholic Capital of Japan

By hate-filled Harry Truman. Article by Gary Kohls.
Sharpen Yourself

Darren Bush on keeping your cutting-edge tools in top condition.
The Real Jack the Ripper

Was he a high-ranking cop?
The Natural Way to Combat Brain-Aging

Joseph Mercola on amping up your body’s production of melatonin.