LewRockwell.com – August 9, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Can Smell QE3, QE4, QEMany

Marc Faber on the crash, the downgrade, equities, and, of course, money printing.
The FedGov Is Losing Its Legitimacy

Only 17% say the central parasites have the consent of the victims.
Send the US to Debt Rehab

And take away its checkbook, says Eric Margolis.
Ignorant, Stupid, or Conniving?

Walter Williams on Obama’s latest envious economic scheme.
Commando Car Buying

10 ways to outsmart the dealer’s tricks. Article by Eric Peters.
God’s Radiation

Left-wing Catholics, like neocons, cheer the atomic bombings of Japan. Article by Tom Woods.
What’s the Power Elite Planning Behind the Scenes?

Is it world Weimar? Article by Simon Black.
Delusional Congress, Delusional Electorate

Bill Buckler on Ron Paul’s efforts to overcome their refusal to think.
How To Move Precious Metals Internationally

Mark Nestmann covers the essentials.
The Bull Case for Gold

Global fiat money debasement is unlikely to end soon, says Gary White.
Amazing ‘Stone Age’ Man

And his massive network of underground tunnels crisscrossing Europe from Scotland to Turkey.
Your Gallbladder May Have Problems

And you may not know it. Margaret Durst on what to do.