LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, August 6-7, 2011

Weekend Edition, August 6-7, 2011

An Economic Yellow Fever Is Headed Your Way
Don’t act like Memphis in 1878. Article by Gary North.
Nuke ‘Em All
And God will bless you. Article by Laurence Vance.
A Poet Speaks of Liberty
Butler Shaffer on the extraordinary Lilija Valis.
Statists on the Left, Statists on the Right
Eric Peters on this nation of sheep, and the future of liberty.
Prepare for the Worst
Marc Faber on the markets, gold, silver, and the coming war.
One Picture Is Worth a Thousand Tears
It’s as if Hell’s fury has descended on the NYSE, says Richard Russell.
A Sicko-Corrupt Gang of Thieves
Vedran Vuk on what really goes on in DC.
A Gentleman Never Arrives Empty-Handed
How to select an appropriate and thoughtful gift for your hostess.
Abolish Gun-Free Zones
Ron Paul’s Citizen Protection Act would do just that, says Raven Clabough.
The 10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World
You may be surprised at some of the tiny creatures that made the list.
Remember the Face But Not the Name?
Why, and what to do about it.
Want To Avoid Heartburn?
Stay away from these 8 foods whenever possible, says Edward Group.