LewRockwell.com – August 4, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011
Banksters Are Embezzlers
Gary North on stopping them.
The Hiroshima Myth
John Denson on lies and crimes.
Ron Paul’s Great Compromise of 2012
An appeal to social conservatives, from Craig White.
The ‘Science’ of Tyranny
Justin Raimondo on the Israelification of US airports.
Stay Home, Crooks and Creeps
Stop voting money to maim and murder other people. Article by Laurence Vance.
The Legal Kidnapping of a Child
Toni Mascaro on the hatred of homeschooling.
Gerald Celente’s Plan
To subvert the power elite.
How To Advance Liberty
Not how you might think. Article by Leonard Read.
Powering Into Record Territory
Addison Wiggin on gold and the new global view of the US.
Is a Driver’s License Really Necessary?
To the feds, who want to use it as an anti-freedom club.
For the Love of Gold
The global season for gift-giving is about to kick-in, says Frank Holmes.
Threats To Kill Teddy Kennedy
Newly-released files document Sonny Capone’s and more.