Are Republicans Powerless or Are They Conning You?

Is Cut, Cap, and Balance a way to hustle the grassroots and the Tea Party?
Akron, OH – “Republican politicians are pretending to act, but they’re actually playacting,” says Jim Babka, President of, Inc. “House Republicans could balance the budget right now, simply by refusing to raise the debt ceiling. They don’t need the cooperation of the President or Senate to accomplish this. They don’t even need to take a vote. They can simply ‘do nothing.’ Just leave the debt ceiling where it is.”
Babka described the pretense this way: “The GOP, and numerous conservative groups, would have their supporters believe that the House Republicans are powerless. That in order to…
* stop deficit spending, they must first do years more of it.
* stop expanding the national debt, they must first increase it by 17%.
* make Congress live within its means, they must first execute the cumbersome process of ratifying a dangerous amendment to the Constitution that won’t take effect for many years.”

“The truth,” charged Babka, “is that the Republican leadership is trying to hustle the GOP’s supporters. The Republican leadership prefers business as usual, so they can continue to borrow and spend to buy votes, reward friends, and punish enemies.”
“In reality,” says Babka, whose organization has 31,000 members, “Cap the debt equals a balanced budget, NOW. And that would also Downsize DC,” Babka concluded with a smile.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.