LewRockwell.com – July 27, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If There Were a ‘Libertarian Terrorist’
Would libertarianism be to blame? Article by Lew Rockwell.
The Hidden Debt Risk That Could End the Empire
Don’t throw us in that briar patch, Br’er Fox. Article by Mike Rozeff.
Forget Nelson Mandela and Volunteering
Get a job at Cracker Barrel, and actually serve the public, says Bob Murphy.
The Blessings of Capitalism
Jeff Tucker on the miracles of the market.
The US Has Lost Its AAA Rating
Who cares what Moody’s says? The US is the largest debtor nation in history, says Jim Rogers.
Banksters and US Foreign Policy
Justin Raimondo on the real debt-ceiling debate.
The Most Dangerous Word in the World
It’s code for taking away your life, property, or liberty, says Jeff Berwick. (NB: some bad language.)
Horse and Buggy Dentistry
A story from the past, and possibly the future. Article by Cynthia Koelker, MD.
The Coming Pension Wipe-Out
It won’t be long before greedy governments come after all of them, says Mac Slavo.
Where Have All the Good Villains Gone?
Politicians like Richard III. Article by Philip Hensher.
Chocolate Milk, Moustaches, Apples
9 scientifically proven health tips you haven’t heard about. Article by Rebecca Ley.
7 Home Remedies
To relieve a sunburn. Article by Mark Sisson.