LewRockwell.com – July 26, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Never Trust a Man in Uniform
Will Grigg on a neglected lesson from Norway.
Ron Paul Is Our Model
In far more than ideological matters, says Charles Burris.
Death by 1000 Government Cuts
Eric Peters on the endless torture of taxes, fees, and mandates imposed by the thieving state.
Job Destruction Makes Us Richer
Walter Williams on psycho-Obamanomics.
Neocon Blowback
Justin Raimondo on the Norwegian crusader.
You Need To Quit Your Job RIGHT NOW
James Altucher has 10 reasons.
Imagine You Have a Pesky Neighbor…
Ron Paul on seeing through the debt-ceiling lies.
The Prepper’s Pocket Guide
101 easy things you can do to ready your home for trouble. Review by Capt. Bart.
How America Became an Empire
And what it means. Article by Bill Bonner.
Dollar Dictatorship
P.T. Freeman on the increasingly desperate US state.
The Top 10 Sports Mascots
Guess who’s #1 before you open this.
Do You Want To End Carb Cravings?
Beware of these 7 reactive foods, says Margaret Durst.