LewRockwell.com – July 22, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

Disengage From the US Government
It’s time for domestic expatriation, says Fred Reed.
The Torturer vs. Joan of Arc
Becky Akers on the inhuman face of the regime.
Accidentally Conceived in 1971
The gold baby is now due, says Arthur M.M. Krolman.
Gold, Silver, Deflation, the US Economy and Government
A wide-ranging interview with Marc Faber. Article by Aftab Singh.
Hell-Bent on War
Mac Slavo on the coming criminal assault on Iran.
Would Ron Paul’s Drug Freedom Lead to ‘Needle Park’?
Mark Thornton on the truth about prohibitionism.
Is It Racist If Everyone Doesn’t Own a House?
Thomas Sowell on another stupendous government disaster.
The Morality of Gold
Versus the immorality of depreciating fiat currency. Article by Anthony Wile.
Is There a Free Market in Silver?
David Morgan on manipulation, delivery default, and shortage risks. Interview with Chris Martenson.
The Federal War on Walnuts
FDA claims they’re drugs, and threatens a producer with seizure, says Michael Tennant.
Bought Any Gold Yet?
Look at the European present and the American future, says Simon Black.
8 Natural Ways To Avoid Sunburn
Mark Sisson on how your body makes its own protection.