LewRockwell.com – July 18, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gold, Real Estate, and Residency Diversification
Anthony Wile interviews Banker X on surviving our troubled times.
Ron Paul Is Right
We need a free market in currency, says Mike Rozeff.
Eliot Spitzer Attacks Libertarianism
Bob Wenzel slaps him around.
Banksters Run American Foreign Policy
Justin Raimondo on what the debt-ceiling is all about.
50 Real Questions for a Presidential ‘Debate’
Chris Sullivan on the funny things we actually need to know.
Bill Bonner on degenerating systems and crumbling empires.
Who’s Afraid of Ron Paul?
Banksters, the Fed, the entire federal alphabet from Hell, and on and on. Article by Robert Bonomo.
10 US Defaults
They’re nothing new. Article by John Chamberlain.
Dim Bulbs
The GOP is even wrong on incandescent freedom. Article by Raven Calbough.
The Death of the Welfare States
We’re all Greeks now, says Pat Buchanan.
Road Trip
Mark Sisson’s guide to prepping and packing nutritious food that can last for days.
Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol With 1 Tbsp a Day
And it has more protein than red meat. Jospeh Mercola on spirulina.