LewRockwell.com – July 14, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Piigs, Pressitutes, and the Global Meltdown
Gerald Celente on what’s ahead, and why the media want to hide it.
Fibber for the State
Tom Woods on a top historian’s ignorance or worse on American economic history.
Don’t Question: Submit, Obey – It’s the Law
Eric Peters on the mental conditioning of the Casey Anthony jurors.
Some of My Favorite Public Servants
They don’t “work” for the government, of course. Article by Anthony Gregory.
Is Gold Money?
Ron Paul smacks down Bernanke with a series of biting questions.
The Fed Has a Noose Around Your Neck
David Galland talks to Terry Coxon on how to escape.
Scary Times Ahead
Central banking is decivilizing the West, says Simon Black.
Our Defense Against the Fiat Money Graveyard
Chris Martenson and James Turk on gold and debt-ceiling operatics.
Spewing Debt Volcanoes
The social welfare democracies are getting ready to blow, says Bill Bonner.
Cash-Up, Get Some Extra Food, Water and Prepare
For the biggest financial debacle in history, says Bob Moriarty.
Go, Salt!
We love it because it stimulates the brain (like certain other substances the government also hates).
The Silent Killer
Joseph Mercola on the many dangers of inflammation, and the supernutrient solution.