LewRockwell.com – July 11, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011
Beware Unfettered Capitalism
Oh yeah? Article by Tom Woods.
The Sanctified Purveyors of Lethal Violence
Don’t you dare diss them. Article by Will Grigg.
Three Cheers for the Casey Anthony Jurors
Butler Shaffer on the Madame Defarge lynch-mob mentality vs. justice.
Consent of the Governed?
Don’t make Bob Higgs laugh.
Social Chaos May Be Inevitable
What to do about it. Ron Holland is interviewed by Anthony Wile.
A Federal Boot on the Throat of the World
Stephen Lendman on the military-industrial complex and a mountain of secret money.
Liberty, Economics, and Raw Milk
Ron Paul talks to Joe Mercola.
Security Welfare
And the sinister cyber-surveillance project. Article by Tom Burghardt.
Investigating the Rockefeller Foundation
Enemy of faith and freedom.
How the Political Elite (and Their Banksters) Destroyed a Country
Generations of pork created Greece’s bloated system of cronyism that may never change.
The Great Gold and Silver Summer Is Here!
And new lows for the dollar are just down the road, says Morris Hubbartt.
Rose-Colored Beer Goggles
Why having one more seems like a good idea at the time. Article by Claire Bates.