LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, July 9-10, 2011

Weekend Edition, July 9-10, 2011

We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun
’Till the market takes our T-bills away, says Gary North.
Don’t Enlist!
Becky Akers on yet another reason not to become a Pentagon helot.
‘Advertisers Brainwash Us’
And other bogus anticapitalist complaints. Article by Tom Woods.
The Coming Federal Collapse
Karen Kwiatkowski on how we will speak about that day.
Planning for the Long-Term Fight
A principled libertarian strategy. Article by Anthony Gregory.
The Establishment Is in Panic
Pat Buchanan on the latest hysteria.
Don’t Be Fooled by Lying Pols
Both parties will betray us on taxes and spending, says Peter Schiff.
Imperial Suicide
Watch the US commit it, as the zombies run wild, says Bill Bonner.
12 Signs the World May Be Running Out of Food
The catastrophe in Africa and natural disasters are only the beginning. Are you prepared?
Boiling Frog Alert
Congress wants automatic payroll deductions to lower the debt they ran up, says Simon Black.
How To Stock Your Home Bar
The mixologist’s guide to the correct spirits, garnishes, accoutrement, and more. Article by Jeff Trexler.
There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Bacon or Butter
Mark Sisson explains how much is too much of various foods, and when there is no such thing.