LewRockwell.com – July 8, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Great American Lynch Mob
Ryan McMaken on the Casey Anthony case.
My Anti-Capitalist Twitter Critic
Tom Woods is Zorro to her Sgt. Garcia.
Cars 2 Isn’t a Lemon
It’s a Saab, says Gary North.
Hands Off the Rich
Anthony Gregory on why the top 1% should be left alone, along with the rest of us.
America Lost Its Mind 146 Years Ago
Unless we recover our senses, the tyrants will grow ever more oppressive and brutal, says Eric Peters.
Ron Paul and Barney Frank: End Pot Prohibition
Paul Armentano explains their historic bill.
The Neocon Attempt To Control the Internet
It fails, says Anthony Wile.
Dominique Strauss-Kahn Was Framed
The evidence mounts, says Michel Chossudovsky.
Riot at the Political Party
Bruce Krasting starts an argument. It gets out of hand.
The TSA’s Fiercest Foe
Ron Paul demands an end to the groping and molesting, and the entire agency, says Alex Newman.
Why Drink Raw Milk
Government milk is a cocktail of 20 chemicals.
10 Diet and Exercise Myths
That just won’t go away, says Joseph Mercola.