LewRockwell.com – July 7, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011
Hooray for the Casey Anthony Jurors
For their not-guilty verdict, says Bill Anderson.
It Would Take Just 3 Short Laws
To restore liberty, says Gary North.
Would I Compromise To Carry a Gun Legally?
I already do, says Greg Perry.
‘I Decided To Stop Lying’
James Altucher on why honesty is not only morally right, but healthy. NB: adult language.
JFK Wanted No Secret Societies in Government
Did that seal his fate? Article by Ben Norris.
We’re #1?
20 not-so-good categories in which the US leads the world.
Zombie America
Bill Bonner on how it happened.
How To Deal With a Flash Mob
Keep quiet, find an exit route, and get outta there, says FerFal Aguirre.
Armageddon Medicine
Cynthia Koelker on 3 disabling illnesses that you can treat without medicine.
Cutting Back on Salt
Does NOT make you healthier.
Even If the Shoe Fits, Forget It
Barefoot is better, says Mark Sisson.
The Benefits of Being a Stand-Up Guy
5 compelling reasons to switch to a standing desk. Article by Brett and Kate McKay.