Silver Circle: An Interview with Kevin Innes

23 Months in Prison for Promoting the Voluntary Exchange of Silver: An Interview with Kevin Innes

For immediate release 7/5/11


Interview on June 25th, 2011 – While Liberty Dollar founder Bernard Von Nothaus’s trial continues his co-defendant, Kevin Innes, joins the Porcupine Freedom Festival to experience liberties that had been taken a way from him a few weeks earlier.

Silver Circle had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin Innes to learn his story of silver, imprisonment, and release. This exclusive interview tells of his entrance into the Liberty Dollar business and where it all took a turn for the worse. Watch the video here.

As our characters in Silver Circle prepare to make the same sacrifices to heal this broken economy, real life freedom-seekers, like Kevin Innes, do the same. Show support and share this video with your networks to spread the word about the unjust rule of law and the real life suffering that has taken place over a method of voluntary exchange, something we all have a right to.


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