LewRockwell.com – June 29, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Prepare To Be Skinned
Gary North on Geithner’s victims of last resort.
I Hear the Recessional for the Empire
Eric Margolis on Afghans versus invaders.
Those Anthrax Attacks
Just what the state and its vicious agents needed. Article by Floy Lilley.
Stop the Crusades
We can have peace and friendship with Islamic countries, says Mike Rozeff.
Bernanke Wears Prada
Doug French on easy money and the luxo-boom.
Don’t Let the Petrocrats Attack Tax Credits
They reduce federal revenue, and let people keep more of their own property. Article by Ron Paul.
Mexicans Don’t Like the US Empire
They don’t like the conqueror’s flag, song, or soccer team, either. Imagine that. Article by Pat Buchanan.
Is the FBI a Criminal Gang?
Tom Eddlem on what the Boston mob case reveals.
The Chief Kochonomist Is All Wet
John Tamny on Tyler Cowen’s no-growth predictions.
Foreign Account?
You must file by June 30, says Simon Black. But there is a loophole.
Can the Fed End the Crisis?
Yes, but they never would, says the non-Austrian Paul Craig Roberts.
Ditch the Dark Glasses?
Sunlight is good for your eyes. Article by Mark Sisson.