LewRockwell.com – June 23, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011
The Bitcoin Flap
And the death of the dollar. An interview with Doug Casey.
White Trash
Fred Reed on the American experience.
It Was the Swan Song of the Old Right
Until Murray Rothbard revived it, and Ron Paul ran with it.
Bureaucrats Shut-Down Cheap, Online University Courses
But LSU still does the job; take advantage of it, says Gary North.
The Kill-a-Muslim-for-Moses Religion
Laurence Vance on the warmonger’s fruit of the spirit.
Government Killers Lose Heart
Simon Black on a silver lining to the US financial disaster.
The Predator Drone in Chief
Ron Paul on lying about war and peace.
Another Lost Decade Ahead?
From the stealth correction to the great correction. Bill Bonner runs the numbers.
5 Ways To Burn Less Fuel
Make your car do less work, says Eric Peters.
Dizzying New Heights of Criminal Enterprise
James West on the banksters’ war on gold and silver.
The Top 10 Mysteries
Of ancient civilizations.
Pillow Talk
Beware, they can become breeding grounds for disgusting pests and diseases, says Claire Bates.