LewRockwell.com – June 16, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011
Our Armored, Militarized Occupiers
They’re taught to reject the name of “peace officer.” Article by Will Grigg.
The Paranoia of the US Government
I’m glad I voted with my feet and expatriated, says P. T. Freeman.
End the War on Milk
Real milk, that is. Article by Mark Thornton.
Sure There’s Gold in Fort Knox
But neither Ron Paul nor anyone else can see it. Trust us, says the US Mint. Article by Bob Wenzel.
The Cold War Consensus Has Finally Collapsed
And Ron Paul did it. Article by John Feehery.
If This Be ‘Islolationism…’
Then I am all for it, says Justin Raimondo.
How To Argue for the Gold Standard
And refute the common myths and lies. Article by Bob Murphy.
The Extermination of Retirement
Mike Pento on something else the government has done for you.
Expect the Unexpected
And prepare for the worst, says Gerald Celente.
That Texas TSA Anti-Groping Bill
There’s one more chance to get it passed, says Mac Slavo.
12 More Signs of Collapse
Outside the cities.
10 Foods I Couldn’t Live Without
Mark Sisson’s favorites for flavor, pleasure, and nutritional content.