LewRockwell.com – June 14, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
The US Ministry of Truth
Bill Clinton wants one, which means even he knows the jig is up. Article by Butler Shaffer.
Battle Stations!
Time for more imperial spending and death expeditions. Article by Eric Margolis.
Is It Moral To Initiate Force Against the Innocent?
Water Williams considers the anarchist question. Is it answered by the Constitution, which none of us signed?
The Best Candidate for Homeschoolers
Ron Paul, of course, says Antonio Buehler.
Revolution, No
Disobey, yes. Scott Lazarowitz on resistance.
The God That Failed
Gary Barnett on voting.
The 10 Most Influential People in Alternative Media
Thanks to the Activist Post for including me at #3.
War on Us
John Whitehead on SWATomania.
8 Steps To Building Your Barter Network
Brandon Smith on easy projects to get you started.
Is It Fixable?
The Western world, that is. Article by Simon Black.
The Economic Stat the Elites Want To Hide
Why it continues to indicate extremely difficult economic times ahead.
Will the Next-False Flag Be Cyber?
The power elite is laying the groundwork for it, and the next war.