LewRockwell.com – June 13, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011
The Second Recession
Or will it be that good? Article by Charles Goyette.
Confessions of a Washington Reject
Gary North on working for Ron Paul, and how the creepy Congress really functions.
Pillaging the Planet
Karen Kwiatkowski on the oligarchy’s Fed-Pentagon complex.
The Official Religion of Darwinism
Fred Reed is a non-believer.
What Hating the Internet Means
Anthony Wile on ancient evil and the Anglo-American power elite.
When He Speaks, People Listen
Jim Rogers on what he’s doing right now. Article by Mark Trumbull.
Gestapo USA
David Galland talks to Ed Vieira about the chilling path we’re on.
The Research Proves Enoch Powell Right
Important, long-term decisions should be made on a full bladder.
Roadmap to $1700 Gold
Morris Hubbartt on what the gold, silver, and dollar charts are telling him.
18 Signs of the Collapse
Federal SWATs collecting student loans, roving mob violence, mass street robberies – they’re just the beginning.
No More Gold Prospecting?
Algoreans move to outlaw it in California.
The Top Barter Items and Trade Skills
For post-collapse survival. Article by Brandon Smith.