LewRockwell.com – June 6, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011
Down With the Dictator
Lew Rockwell on Jefferson and today.
College for Dummies
Escape debt bondage, and actually learn something. Article by Gary North.
Thanks to Ron Paul
We are all libertarians now, says Susan Westfall.
Personal Secession
Mike Rozeff on the practical and moral path to freedom.
The Frugal Driver
Phil Mayton likes $4 gas.
The Fall of the Dollar
And the fall of a US puppet. Article by Anthony Wile.
Only for Well-Heeled, Lunatic Algoreans
Eric Peters on the albatross of the electric car.
Want To Escape and Retire Abroad?
Susan Beverley on 10 steps to a successful transition.
The Crown of Individuality
William Jordan on facing the inevitable mistakes of life.
Rat-Eating Plant Discovered in Philippines
Can it be transplanted to DC?
Did Our Caveman Ancestors Have Better Teeth Than We Do?
It takes more than brushing to care for them, says Mark Sisson.