Ron Holland: Weiner the Left-Leaner

by: Ron Holland
“In government, the scum rises to the top.” – Friedrich von Hayek

Congressman Anthony Weiner’s “weinergate scandal” continues to ebb and flow on all the cable news channels. While I personally enjoy watching this self-righteous, leftwing bigot getting caught in the spotlight we should remember that his twitter account could have been hacked as he suggests.

Still, his apparent uncertainty as to whether the photo is of him or not is telling. Any man would know for sure whether the photo was of himself or not. So let’s assume the photo is real but maybe someone in his office who despises him did the dirty deed. For me, just watching him on television over the years with his harsh NY accent and liberal know-it-all attitude was enough to make me dislike him even before the incident so I can imagine what his staff must be forced to put up with.

The problem for our nation isn’t an almost 50 year old congressman allegedly taking photos of his underwear, although this might be a problem for his new bride, Huma Abedin, who he married less than a year ago. But then again, she is a longtime personal aide to Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton officiated at the wedding so maybe this isn’t a problem for her.

The problem is Weiner is stereotypical of what we have supposedly representing us in Congress and this is why the entire political system is broken beyond repair. I say “supposedly” because few in Congress actually represent their constituency or the views of voters back home whether they are conservative Republicans or left leaning Democrats. With only several exceptions, Congress is totally owned and controlled by elite interests on both sides of the political spectrum.
This is one reason why many Americans believe the US system of regulatory and debt democracy does not work any longer in the United States. Actually the controlled two-party system works quite well for the banks, Wall Street, the oil monopolies and the military industrial complex, it just doesn’t work for us.

This failed system guarantees the lowest common denominator of political candidate will win most elections and they will do the bidding of the powerful special interests that fund their campaigns.

Therefore don’t expect the deficit to be controlled, the national debt contained, the Federal Reserve abolished, our foreign policy adjusted or the dollar strengthened to meet the demands of the American people. Hayek was right, the scum has risen to the top and they control and are destroying our nation.

But in difficult times like this, there is always a small remnant of individuals left with the courage, honor and integrity of our original founding fathers. My favorite is Congressman Ron Paul and he is in the unique position to change the direction of the GOP back to the limited government vision of our founding fathers with his presidential candidacy. Truthfully, we all know the rest of the GOP presidential aspirants really lean to the left toward big government in many areas just like Weiner.

So in the coming GOP primary debates, when you’re watching the rest of the candidates claiming to represent the freedom and limited government viewpoint of Ron Paul, just remember a mental picture of the photo of Weiner and know the rest all lean to the left.

Ron Holland is a contributing editor to the Swiss Mountain Vision Newsletter and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Foundation for the Advancement of Free-Market Thinking (FAFMT) in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

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