LewRockwell.com – May 27, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011
One Nation Indivisible?
Thank goodness, no, says Kirkpatrick Sale.
Prepare For Another War
Marc Faber on the ultimately destructive nature of US monetary and fiscal policy. Article by Jonathan Chen.
Because the Police Are Useless (Except for Oppression)
We need private eyes, says Bill Anderson.
The Dual Currency Credit Card
Jim Rogers becomes one of the first holders.
New Truth About Another WWII Tale
“Sink the Bismarck,” even when they are trying to surrender.
The Perils of Accidental US Citizenship
You could be swamped with taxes and penalties you know nothing about, says Mark Nestmann.
What’s Wrong With ‘Insider Trading’?
Nothing at all, says Doug Casey.
TSA vs. Texas
The battle is not over.
Pain and the Great Correction
More things Paul Krugman is absolutely clueless about, says Bill Bonner.
President Hopey Changey
And the blood on his hands.
Scholarships Not To Go to College
Peter Thiel pays 24 kids $100,000 each to stay out of the academic-industrial complex.
1 Pot, 1 Pan, 5 Ingredients
5 easy, hardy, healthy meals for guys.