LewRockwell.com – May 24, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Three Enduring Myths of World War II
It’s long past time to bury them, says Eric Margolis.
Parasitic Lifestyles
Thomas Sowell on American dependency.
Crush the Government
Against the debt ceiling. Article by Ron Paul.
16 Tips for Beginning Homeschoolers
A simple plan for getting started.
How Much Is Government Costing You Per Day?
We’ve never seen anything like this, says Bill Bonner.
The American Police State
And the death of the 4th amendment. Article by John Whitehead.
Get ’Em While You Can Still Afford ’Em
Eric Peters on the awesome Muscle Cars of the ’80s.
Americans Pols Kowtow to a Foreign Leader
And it’s not even controversial, says Justin Raimondo.
JFK’s Murder: The Famous Still Photo
One of the last living witnesses, Mary Moorman, speaks out.
O’Bama? Oh Puh-Lease!
James Delingpole on the chameleon prez.
Japanese Superquake Moved the Ocean Floor 79 Feet
And new data show the region is under more strain.
Good Bugs = Good Health
Many unpleasant health problems can be rectified easily, says Margaret Durst.